The Local Brands started out as an idea to show our love and dedication to our Nashville community. Our mission is to be positive, volunteer, support small businesses and local restaurants, promote local writer’s original music, donate, and support local causes and uplift our community. The Local Brand is all about local shops, writers’ rounds and original country music, cover musicians, restaurants, bars, Honky Tonks, events, but more importantly it is about the fantastic people that live here. Whether you were born here, raised here, or got here as fast as you could, The Local Brands has the 615 Local merch for you to showcase pride for our city. Our hats can be spotted around town at the Titan Stadium, Predators Bridgestone Arena, restaurants, shops, lakes, and downtown Broadway at local Honky Tonks. Pick your 615 Local color and wear it proud. Thank you for your support of The Local Brand family and our Nashville community. Supporting locally owned businesses builds strong communities and social relationships. Local ownership ensures decisions are made by people who will feel the impacts of those decisions. Join the support of small business in our community to help with the beautiful growth of Music City Nashville, Tennessee. Through sporting events, award shows, tornados, music festivals, local businesses, restaurants, country music, Christmas Day bombing, and much more this community comes together to support Music City Nashville Tennessee #Nashvillestrong